Trading shares is the buying and selling of shares of stock in various companies. There are stock exchanges in the United States, Europe, Asia and other smaller global exchanges. Trading can be done through mutual funds or through preferred stock and options trading. Commodities and currencies can also be traded through stocks.


The term "stock" simply refers to the proportional ownership one's shares represent of the net assets and earnings power of a company. In a mutual fund or exchange traded fund, the assets are the sum total of all the assets that were purchased by the stock's proceeds. This refers to the stocks, bonds, currency and commodity values priced at their market value. Stock is valuable as far as it represents the tangible value of the assets underneath it, but a stock price may not equal the value of the underlying assets. Thus, stock prices can become overpriced or underpriced.

Shareholders may include large institutions, pension funds, mutual funds and individuals. 

Share Investing - Entry Level Investing

  • We help the older generation or computer illiterate to invest in the Stock Market.
  • We help them understand the basics of Investing.
  • We do our market research and simplify the information to them.
  • Our platform can allow anyone to invest and buy shares with minimum money.

Stock Market Trading Course Offers:

  • Share Trading
  • CFD Trading
  • Futres Trading
  • ALSI Trading
  • ETF's Trading

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